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Le foto irreali di Li Wei

Sulle foto irreali di questo artista cinesi non sono figlie di photoshop, o almeno, lo sono in piccola parte. Si tratta di trucchi, specchi, illusioni create con fili trasparenti. Una danza di immagini davvero unica. Fonte Unreality, per l'appunto...

domenica 3 ottobre 2010 13:34

There are certain artists out there who do the kind of work that you really can't describe.  That's kind of how I feel about the photography of Li Wei.  The best way I can summarize it would be "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" if that makes sense.  This guy takes pictures in weird situations like flying midair or stuck in the ground.

Again, tough to accurately depict in words but when you see the pictures you'll probably understand.  Plus it's the first time we can really use the word "unreal" and actually mean it.  Yay!

Enjoy the art of Li Wei after the jump..

This one didn't look all that difficult to stage but it's still pretty original.   Who knows how they did this.  I don't really care I just know it's awesome.

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